Auto Glass

The Windshield Replacement Process

The process begins with a pre-inspection of your vehicle, by recording any pre-existing damage. 

Next, all the hardware is carefully removed (windshield wipers, rear view mirror and moldings as needed). 

Then using specially designed tools to remove the glass from the vehicle. After the glass is removed, inspect for corrosion or possible paint problems (if any conditions that might require additional attention or resources, the customer will be contacted before continuing). Upon inspection of the pinch weld, the pinch weld can be cleaned and prepared for installation.
The new windshield is cleaned, using Gates Brothers Glass Cleaner, then primed. These are primers that are designed for the insulation of your automobile glass. One primer is used for imperfections on the body (pinch weld), and the other primer is used for etching into the frit band of the glass. 
After applying the adhesive to either the windshield or directly on the pinch weld using urethane caulking, the new windshield is placed on. When this delicate procedure is done, all the hardware is put back on. The vehicle must then setup for several hours before being safe for driving.

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