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Auto Glass Services

Gates Brothers Glass is committed to using the most current technology and highest standard of workmanship.  Recognized as a leader in glass education, we provide quality training for all employees.  Our strong focus on glass education helps us anticipate and benefit from new trends in the industry. 

Gates Brothers Glass Shops offer experienced, certified auto glass technicians; quality replacement glass and a national warranty.  When you have your glass replaced or repaired at a Gates Brothers Glass location, you can look forward to professional treatment and auto glass work that is done right the first time.  In partnership with PPG Prostars, Gates Brothers Glass ensures our technicians are first rate.

There are many safety topics we would like to touch on that have to do with your car’s windshield.  In addition to the installation, there are several other factors that affect the performance of your replacement windshield and other safety features of your car:


Curing Time

Using Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Glass


Adhesive     The factory material to glue the windshield into place and the most widely used adhesive in the USA is called Polyurethane, mostly “high viscosity” urethane.  Urethane (black in color) provides flexibility for your windshield in normal driving, but more importantly, strength in bonding to the metal in case of a crash or rollover. ¹


Curing Time     Urethane takes time to cure; most Urethanes are time and temperature related and some may take hours to cure.  The Urethane adhesive should be fully cured before the vehicle is driven.    

Å      The technology offered by the “Express”â adhesive by Essexâ a division of DOWâ Automotive takes the complication out of computing temperature and humidity out of the question.  This product offers safe Drive-away Times in one hour from 0°F to 115°F regardless of humidity.  At Gates Brothers all direct bond installations are being installed with this product to offer the convenience and safety that your customers deserve.  For the special vehicles that require non-conductive or High Modulus adhesive, Gates Bothers uses Essexâ 3000MNC two part chemical cure Urethane to keep the one hour drive away time and to maintain the integrity and function of the vehicles design. 


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Glass     OEM manufacturers produce parts on original equipment-style tooling and very glass size and bend again original equipment-style check fixtures.  The result is consistent size, shape and color with the right look and the right fit.  More importantly, glass from OEM manufacturers meets the same standards for safety and optical quality that were originally specified by the manufacturer for your vehicle.  It also means there’s far less chance of stress cracks, wind noise and water leakage.   

Å    Gates Brothers offers OEM glass.  OEM glass helps support the roof so that cave-in potential is minimized, and allows the airbag to function properly.  Gates Brothers Glass offers PPG OEM and Pilkington OEM glass because we’re concerned about your safety. 


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Certified Installers     Gates Brothers Glass technicians have a minimum of three years experience and/or National Glass Association certification.  That means that the technicians installing your policyholders’ windshields or auto windows are veterans and professionals who know what they’re doing and understand the importance of a quality, safe installation.   

Windshield Repair     Minor windshield damage can often be repaired.  Windshield repair is safe, smart and cost effective alternative to glass replacement.   

National Warranty     In partnership with PPG Prostars, Gates Brothers offers a national, “no excuses, no hassle” warranty.  It includes a written guarantee on repairs and against leaks on a windshield replacement for as long as you own your vehicle.